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About me

Hi there, stranger!

My name is Gianguido gsora SorĂ , I’m an Italian computer science student.

I don’t really like to give myself a tag, instead I like to introduce myself as a young hacker where “hacker” means someone who likes to tinker with new stuff and learn how it works, then have fun modifying it!

I write mostly Go and C, with a sprinkle of Python here and there when needed to automate code generation and automate something which needs a little more brain.

Besides I do Android development too, just for fun.

I do most of my daily computing on OpenBSD - which I discovered recently - but there are some tasks in my daily routine which require software not available on Puffy’s OS and for those, I use Fedora.

I used to love VIM but nowadays I prefer using both Neovim and Visual Studio Code.

Talking about non-CS things, I am a guitarist and wannabe-audiophile.

Right now, rig is made of an American Standard Fender Stratocaster and an Ibanez RG870QMZ.

My audio gear consists of:

My musical tastes are various, but let’s say that I listen from Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd going straight into Dream Theater, Protest The Hero, crossing Periphery, Porcupine Tree, finally touching Deadmau5, Pendulum and Knife Party.

I really enjoy mountain-biking when possible, or a good competitive game on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with my friends.