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Month Review: April

This is the first of a (hopefully) long series of posts in which I update you, my imaginary public, about what happened during past month, focusing particularly on projects I'm working on and all the achievements reached.

I believe that writing this kind of posts can boost my productivity, by keeping myself accountable for what I did, and what I didn't. 

This month’s review will focus on what I’m mostly occupying my time with, creating Ocean and my bachelor’s thesis.

Running a Go Telegram bot on AWS Lambda

I don’t have any bad habit.

I don’t smoke or drink enough to blackout, but the only thing I can not stop doing is hosting my own server whenever I can.

This obviously means that I run a public-facing server - which is just a ThinkPad - at my home, using the IPv41 address that my ISP kindly provided.

I’m an avid Telegram Messenger user too, and I’ve wrote a couple of bots to help me automate some tasks on the go, without the need of a CLI even on a smartphone.

Regarding WhatsApp IP "leakage habit"

Recently Colin Hardy posted a video where he demonstrated how the WhatsApp web client leaks the user’s IP address when computing URL previews.

All of the sudden the entire web freaked out because of this behavior, while in my opinion there isn’t much to be scared of.